Join World Vision Group in Supporting the Huni Kuin Tribe

World Vision Group is a nascent NGO dedicated to empowering communities through sustainable development, education, and emergency relief. Our first mission is urgent and critical: aiding the Huni Kuin tribe of Acre, Brazil, in the aftermath of catastrophic flooding along the Rio Tarauacá. This disaster has obliterated homes, destroyed food sources, and severed essential communication, leaving the tribe in dire need of support.

Our campaign aims to raise 20,000 SEK to provide immediate relief and spearhead recovery efforts. By focusing on rebuilding homes, establishing agroforestry for sustainable economy, and enhancing digital education, we endeavor not just to rebuild but to transform the future of the Huni Kuin tribe.

Your support can make a world of difference. To learn more about our mission and contribute to this vital cause, click here to donate and read more.

Together, we can help the Huni Kuin tribe rise stronger in the face of adversity.