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Artur Moustafa

Book 'Jacobs stege' by Artur Moustafa

Book 'Jacobs stege' by Artur Moustafa

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Jacobs Stege

Language: Swedish
Pages: 923

Detta är berättelsen om Jacob, en ung och uppmärksam­mad designer som bryter med sitt gamla liv i hopp om att finna den frihet som han saknar, en frihet från verk­lighetens lidande och illusioner. Driven av behovet av att komma vidare efter en olycklig kärlek fördjupas hans inre sökande. Snart är det inte bara sin yrkesbana han ifråga­sätter. Finns någonting egentligen på riktigt?

Utforskandet för honom djupare in i mysticismen och han tycker sig ana att verkligheten är märkligare än vad den gett sken av. Likt sin bibliske namne ser Jacob en väg som förbinder himmel och jord, och när han börjar vandra den förändras världen runt honom. Plötsligt verkar gränsen mellan dröm och vaket tillstånd inte lika tydlig längre.

JACOBS STEGE är Artur Moustafas debutroman. Under de år han skrev boken har han parallellt arbetat som formgivare, med teater, samt inom hållbar stadsutveckling och med cir­kulär matproduktion. Det existentiella intresset har han haft med sig sedan barnsben.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Hans-Christian Ljusås
    How Old are you?: 77
    Jacobs Stege

    "I am so happy to have gotten my hands on 'Jacob's Ladder'. The book has both confirmed and inspired me in my life. Its down-to-earth portrayal of the main character Jacob, mixed with the author's profound observations and words of wisdom, feel like seeds planted in fertile soil . These 'seeds' give me aha experiences and recognition that enhance the sense of presence in my own life. I look forward with excitement and confidence to continued reading of 'Jacob's Ladder'. What I have already gained from the book arouses a desire to share the reading experience with others.The questions and glimpses of life that the book conveys feel vital for us humans in our time to be united with our purposes here and I wish everyone who reads it a powerful experience and a sense of confirmation to follow their own inspiration and inner guidance in the direction of greater and deeper contact with our fellow human beings!"

    Avalo Lyngbaek
    How Old are you?: 40
    Jacobs Stege

    "My experience with 'Jacob's Ladder' has been more than just reading; the book has challenged me to think about what is real and possible. I have recognized several abilities that are described but that I had not reflected on before. It has created a curiosity. I have also tried exercises described in the book and got similar results. It has nurtured a desire to explore my own abilities. In addition to that, I have already had time to experience several rather unlikely coincidences only to immediately read about a similar event in the book, which has thus led to my understanding of what happened better.

    'Jacob's Ladder' is a mixture of humor and deep insights and it takes the reader on a journey bordered by religion, history, geography, mysticism and much more. It is also about relationships, the one you have with yourself, with friends and colleagues, and above all with love at all stages. Chapter XI, 'STRENGTH' stood out as particularly emotional and powerful. When reading the last chapter, at one point I was engulfed by a white cloud and at another time I heard music. It is safe to say that it was an experience beyond just reading. I even had to take it out from my bedroom as it was making sounds from the bookshelf! It works in many levels.This is a book that opens the mind and encourages exploration of the subtle dimensions of life."

    Madelene Sjösten
    How Old are you?: 35
    Jacobs Stege

    "This book was both cryptic and exciting! Never read a book where you develop at the same time as you can't help but wonder if the author knew you would read the book and be hit by the existential questions that arise in you. Bonus for the nice cover!"

    Hassan M
    How Old are you?: 79
    Jacobs Stege

    "I liked it! It was an interesting book that drew me into several hours of daily reading. A very moving story that made me both laugh and cry!"

    How Old are you?: 33
    Jacobs Stege

    "It is more than a book, it is a gateway of synchronicity..."